Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Hubby, the Great Dad!

My DH is a fun and loving dad apart from being a great husband and a best friend.

When Isabelle reached 4 months old, she can no longer sleep peacefully in her crib. She toss & turn a zillion times and 360 degrees. she will bump onto the sides and that wakes her up easily. So DH, sacrificed his precious side of the bed for Isabelle so she can sleep next to me. DH took over the floor on a mattress. Thank God the mattress is a comfortable one. Sometimes, when I wake up in middle of the night, I would look at DH and it breaks my heart to see him sleeping (soundly) on the floor and I wish silently that Isabelle would grow up fast so that she can sleep in her own bed and dearest Daddy can sleep next to Mummy again, on the bed.

DH also forego his passion, badminton, during weekends and weeknights now that Isabelle is around. Thank God for the flexibility of his working hours, DH would be home in time to bring Isabelle for some waddling in the pool.

Despite a long day at work, DH would return home and walk into the door with a wide smile. Not only that, he would help me handwash Isabelle's cloth diaper & napkin every day. Isn't that lovely and thoughtful? If I am a working mom, I would be dead tired at the end of the day and maybe I would be even too tired to clean up myself, let alone handwash those baby stuffs.

Most of all, DH encouraged me to quit my job so that I can be at home with Isabelle. That is best full time job one can ever imagine. But with single income due to me being an official sahm, DH would need to work extra hard to feed us :) Bravo DH!!! I am proud of your achievements.

DH, if I never tell you this or maybe I don't get to tell you this often enough... You are a great Dad and a wonderful husband. I m glad you found me (or the other way round) and I am blessed you are mine.

I love you Dear!

Here's a prayer for you:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for putting both of us together. Thank you Lord for sending me a wonderful husband and for blessing our life with all that we need. Please bless my DH with good health and bless him with Your wisdom to be a father You want him to be. May Your presence fill his journey of fatherhood and grow that same heart in him for his children. Give him the skill of communication with his children and may he delight his children and bring them up in Your way. In Jesus' name. Amen.

The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, and he who begets a wise child will delight in him ~ Proverbs 23:24

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