Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Day I Became a Mom

After posting about my Ma and Mother's Day last night, I figured out that maybe I should blog about my own birth day. Yes, the day I gave birth to Isabelle.

Doctor has estimated that my baby should be due on 8 May 2009. And also reminded me that because I had high sugar in my blood (borderline of gestational diabetes), baby has to be out latest on my EDD.

I return to my parents home where I will spend my confinement month sometime in April, almost a month before my EDD. Reason was so that if baby wanted to come out earlier, I am already safe in Taiping. We prefer to be prepared in advance. DH traveled back to Taiping to be with me almost every weekend then. Every single day, when we call each other, the default question was "How ar, baby want to come out already ar? Any sign ar?"

Counted days and moments and each time I go to toilet, I would be watching out for labour signs. Being a first time expecting mother, I really had no slight idea what does 'show' look like or how would water bag broke would feel like.

DH had already plan to drive back to Taiping on 7 May, should there be no sign before that and to keep the risk afar, we will have to induce this mummy here by 8 May.

7 May 2009 (Thursday).
Church prayer meeting at 8pm. I was getting ready and went to answer nature call before leaving home for church. SURPRISE! There was a small patch of brownish reddish stuff on my underpants. Paused. I did not immediately realise that was 'show', sign of labour has begin. I had doubts though. But I quickly put my pants back on and get Ma to my room. Showed her the 'evidence'. She paused for a moment and said 'YOUR BABY IS READY TO COME OUT!" I was like, "Oh dear, THIS IS IT. BABY IS AROUND THE CORNER".

I quickly called up the medical centre and was asked to go for a check up. Reached the medical centre within the next 20 minutes. Dad called DH many times, to rush him to drive back that very night. I think Dad was more kancheong (anxious) than any of us.

Doctor arrived and examined me. I was only dilated by 2cm. Oh boy... 10cm is going to take a long while.

Doc: OK. You need to overnight here for observation.

Me: But, I have not shower and do all that I needed to do. Can I go home to shower?

Doc: Shower here la... we have everything here.

Me: I need to wash and blowdry my hair. You guys provide hairdryer?

Doc: Err... psssttt... (asking midwife standing next to him). Got hairdryer ar?

Nurse: No la doctor.

Doc: Ok.. then you go home, shower and make sure you check back in here by 11pm.

It was a relief. I can't imagine taking my last shower before baby comes in the hospital. I want it to be as luxury as it can get. Pre-baby reward for myself. Silently, I was also delighted because atleast going home, I can sneak an episode of my favourite series then before going back to the hospital.

After shower, DH arrived safely from PJ. I told DH, maybe I can sleep at home tonight and go back to hospital tomorrow morning or when I feel my contraction. DH shook his head. So, off we go... back to the hospital. Changed and midwife shooed me off to bed. After a few minutes, doctor made a surprise appearance and when he saw me, he look at his watch. "Did you just came in? It is 12am. You were supposed to come back here by 11pm. So, are you happy now, after your shower at home? Ready for the long night ahead?" I looked at him, stunned, maybe he could see a neon 'TERRIFIED' blinking on my forehead. Then he said "Dont worry. You will be fine and your baby will most probably come tomorrow. Ok. Sleep tight."

That night was the longest night in my entire life. The presence of a pregnant lady next bed in the observation ward, didn't make it any easier. She was groaning and exclaiming every 2-3 minutes "adui... sakit... adui.. sakit... tolong...." It freaked me out and dawned on me, what am I getting myself into.

I didn't get much sleep which I needed, knowing that the next day is a big day. Mild contraction at the stroke of midnight. But I survived the sleepless night. Anyway, at 5am, doctor came in again and wanted to check my progress. I dreaded the VE. I was only 3 or 4 cm dilated at 5am. Doctor advised that because of my slow progress, I'd be better to induced via pill so that it will help speed up my dilation. After the insertion of the magic pill, the contraction kinda started within the next 30 mins. DH came back to the hospital as early as 6.30am. Poor DH, he didn't sleep well either. He was both excited and worried about me being in the hospital all alone. I have never been in a hospital.

8 May 2009 (Friday)
At 8am, Ma and Mrs Chang, a close church friend came to visit me at the observation ward. I was in great pain, the contraction was getting to me. I cried. Yah, I am a cry baby. Mrs Chang offered to pray for me. When I heard the prayer, I cried harder.

After that, they left and I went to take my shower and the nurse came to help clean me up. Then I was lead to the labour room. I was about 5cm dilated after the torturous VE. I asked for epidural. Midwife told me anesthetist will only be available after 9.30am. SHOOT. I had to endure the pain. But, what the heck. If I can endure the contraction from 12am, I can endure a little bit longer.

Got the long waited epidural. But, the epidural somehow did not work 100%. I still feel the intense contraction on one side of my back. Doctor checked me again and I was 6cm dilated by 12pm. But I was crying due to the pain. And my tolerance towards pain is almost near to zero. Doctor told me that I can either redo the epidural OR opt for C-sec which he does not recommend because I have came this far to 6cm and that I should hang in there. The moment I heard that I might need to settle for C-sec, I cried more and when I turn to DH, I saw him wiping away his tears. I was disappointed, tired, in pain & lost. While I was still thinking, Doctor decided for me that I should persevere, no need to re-do my epidural and with additional of entonox straight in my face. I survived till 3.10pm with DH by my side. I did it. 10cm finally!!! Midwife checked and her face lit up! She was literally on top of her voice:

Nurse: Hey, Mummy. You are 10cm dilated. It is time to push. Your baby is almost here!!!
Me: *drowsy from the entonox* I can't push. I am very sleepy. I am very very sleepy and tired.
Nurse: No.. No... You need to push. I will teach you.
Me: But, I am really tired.
Nurse: *Rushed over with a chilled towel and slap it on my forehead and face*
Me: *Wide awake already* Okay... push now ar???

After few pushes, Doctor had to use forcep. After just a quick few minutes, our bundle of joy emerged finally! DH cried when he saw Isabelle. I, for sure, in tears.

She was perfect. She was lovely. She was soft and gentle. She was so fragile and she was everything we ever dreamed of. She is ours and she is REAL!

This is the moment we have been waiting for full 10 months. It felt real now, so real. Even putting all the memories down in words now after a year, it still feel so overwhelming.

Heard Isabelle wailing for the first time. The feeling was unbelievable. Now, all the stories from other mummies about 'when you see your baby, you will forget about the pain and sweat' are all coming true.

Ma, Papa and Granny came into the labour room after Doctor was done with his job and I was changed. Everyone was emotional and excited and happy and feeling on top of the world. I for one, in state of disbelief, still. But happy. :)

That marks the beginning of another interesting & colorful chapter of our lives. And I know I owe my birthday(s) to my Mom because of her pain & tears, I am here today.

Welcome to the world Isabelle (belated welcome, that is).

Baby Isabelle * 2 days old (left)


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Catheryn, great sharing!!! Please post it and share in SAHM forum too le...

Happy Mummy said...

Thanks. Yah. Good idea. Will share this in SAHM :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

So nice! I wish my parents get to be there to see when Ben was born.. sob sob...