Monday, June 14, 2010

Her First 5 steps!

She took her first 5 steps today at precisely 6.45pm! First 5 steps without holding onto any furniture. Way to go Isabelle! Another milestone :)

When we hear parents telling stories of their babies taking the first steps and going oooh and aaah about it, we could not understand the fuss. Little did we know, it does really mean a whole lot. Today, we found out.

She walk towards me, into my arms in quick 5 steps. It caught me in awe and tears. What an emotional moment. This also marks the beginning of her independence. She will need us less and less as she get to do more things on her own. But that is alright. Being here for her is simply pure joy.

We look forward to many more wonderful milestones and everyday is just full of delightful surprises.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Ermm... seriously, hubby and I are not keen on Ben walking so fast... Not because old folks thing the longer they take to walk the better.. more like the longer they take to walk is easier for us cos don't know how to walk = less freedom = less mischief... look at Ben now...really like a hawk have to watch him all the time... very very noti man!

Happy Mummy said...

Hey Jenny.

Yes my hb & I thought of the same thing too. The faster the walk, the more chasing we need to do.
But well, again, we let her do and learn at her own pace. We have never rush her into anything that she is not ready for.

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