Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAHM Gathering

Me and another SAHM, Jenny (whom I got to know from Babycentre Malaysia) co-started the SAHM forum. After a few months, our forum managed to fetch 13 sahm members! Not bad although more would be merrier.

We bumped into each other few weeks ago in a nearby mall. That gave me an idea that maybe it'd be fun to organise a get-together for our members to meet face-to-face and our babies can also have some playtime.

After some planning and scouting for venue, we decided to meet at San Francisco Steakhouse since only 3 of us confirmed attendance and our initial plan to meet at Gymboree had to be called off. Next time hopefully, when we have a bigger party.

Jenny, Lyn and I met at the outlet in Tropicana City Mall. We were scheduled to meet sometime between 1.30pm-2.00pm. However, Isabelle woke up only at 1.45pm from her late morning nap. When I arrived, Jenny and Lyn were already there. So sorry ladies to have kept you both waited.

And... it actually rained earlier that morning. It got me worried that I would not be able to walk over mall to the if the rain continues to pour. Lyn and Jenny both were very kind to offer to give me a ride. Thank you ladies for the thoughtfulness. God heard my worries and the rain stopped before noon.

It was a short gathering as we all needed to attend to our babies' needs... i.e. sleepy, hungry, thirsty, bored, wee wee, etc. But I enjoyed the session. And most of all, both mummies were very friendly and warm, and I believe we all had a fun time.

Ben is such a good boy with his unforgettably dreamy and captivating eyes! Jude who is just a day younger than Isabelle is a kind looking and angelic little boy. Manfred, the Kor Kor is definitely a handsome young man. Mummy Lyn told me that I am the 2nd person who thinks he is handsome and himself being the first who thought so. HAHA! Well, Manfred, you are absolutely right about yourself. Isabelle was the only rose among the thorns. Now talk about 'choices'.... LOL

Unfortunately, I left home in a hurry and forgot to bring along my faithful camera. Hopefully, next round, I will remember and also more mummies from the forum will be able to join in.

Such a short & sweet get together. I now look forward to our next gathering soon.

Cheers Mummies!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey, same here! It was a great & fun outing! Looking fwd for the nxt gathering! :)

Happy Mummy said...

Hey Mummy Jenny!
Thank you for dropping by and have a good week!