Thursday, June 3, 2010

Journey of Mummyhood ~ Pregnancy

If my memory serves me right, I wasn't instantly yippee-yay-yay superduper HAPPY when the pregnancy test kit result came out positive. I was ... blur... lost... confused... afraid... and dare not believe.

DH was the happier party when I told him "Hey, POSITIVE".

Sitting on the couch, staring into the wall, telling myself "I am going to be a mother and inside me is a little baby and I don't believe this, something is not right with the test kit".

The rest is history and sweet history :) and yes, I was yippee-yay-yay superduper HAPPY when I settled in into the reality. And I know, being a mother is what I am destined to be and it is undoubtedly, God's wonderful blessing.

Our monthly check-up at the clinic was something we really look forward to every month. It was some sort of a 'gathering' of us and our baby. I was always in tears of joy of course, when I hear her heart beats and see her moving around inside my tummy. Not sure if it is truly mother instinct, but I somehow knew it would be a girl and I have had lists of names for a baby girl. DH insisted that we should also think of boy's name. Well, okay. But silently in my heart, I knew that the boy's name list would be unnecessary because we will be having a girl !

One of the pregnancy symptoms I had was nausea. My evening nausea started at about week 7 and miraculously disappeared when I entered the beginning of 2nd trimester. Hallelujah! I was praying and keeping fingers crossed that I would not be one of the unfortunate ones to have nausea throughout the 36 weeks.

My diet was also kept under control as the sugar level in my blood was rather high and I was close to the borderline of getting gestational diabetes. DH also benefited from this as he lost quite an amount of weight due to the change of food choice at home. Rice was cut down to one small bowl a day, no ice-cream, no cakes, no yummy fruity jam, no kaya (coconut jam) and most unbearably, NO COFFEE! Coffee was like my oxygen! I took up a safer option, decaf. But decaf is honestly L.O.U.S.Y. I gave it a try for couple of days. No, decaf just won't do. Coffee it is.. but I cut down to just quarter of what I usually take. Wow.. life is so much better and full of roses again.

DH and DS very kindly accommodate to my food requirements throughout my pregnancy. They very willingly and lovingly gave me their share of fish dishes most of the time. And due to a pregnant woman's craving, they also usually go with my fickle choices of cuisine. Thank you DH & DS and I love you so so dearly. Muacks.

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