Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Papa's Day!

Whenever I wonder how God's love would really look & feel like in real, my Papa comes into mind. He is a man of little words, not very expressive but is filled with love beyond description.

He used to send and fetch me from school in the little motorcycle. I love those rides and at times, I do prefer that to car rides.

Our life then was not as 'adequate' then. But life was joyful and contented. He left the car for Mom to use while he uses his faithful motorbike, so that Mom can use the car to run errands and chauffeur me and my siblings around. One day, after he left home for work but return within the next few minutes. Papa fell off the bike at the corner down the hill. I broke into tears. Papa in return had to console me.

Papa taught us many valuable lessons and ways of life. He is a great living testimony for God and I remember a church friend told us this "If you are looking for a good role model, your Dad is the right person to look up to". I was so proud to hear that.

I will always remember Papa for his wisdom, patience, honesty, sincerity, kindness and his love for God.

Everyday I ask God to bless Papa with many more healthy years so that I will have more chances to repay Papa's love for me. And I am thankful that God has blessed him abundantly that he can now enjoy the fruits of his hard labor and give his best to God, and us :)

Papa, thank you for everything. I will be always be your little girl and I am proud to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day Papa & I love you.


lyncpf513 said...

parents are indeed the persons who sacrifies and teaches us the most.. yet when I was young, i couldn't see it clearly.. :) luckily now when i am a parent i know how much my parents have done for us...

Happy Mummy said...

Hi Lyn,
Thanks for visiting. It is true how much parenthood has opened our eyes and heart to appreciate even more for what our parents sacrificed for us ya? :)