Friday, June 4, 2010

Mummy Loves Me This I Know

What a huge bandage aye?

Mummy bought home my favourite breakfast and I must have been too excited to savour the ever so delicious chee cheong fun that when I cut open the sauce packet, I cut my index finger too. OOOOUUUCCHH!!! Shrieked and Mummy came running in from the drying yard. She must have thought I chopped off my arm!

The cut was quite deep as the bleeding didn't stop after about 3 minutes. Mummy quickly grabbed the car keys and rushed me to a clinic. I remember my blood stained her beloved pair of khakis.

Upon reaching the clinic, while waiting for my turn and I was hoping that no stitching will be required, the nurse at the reception asked me "Miss, your knife very sharp ar?" I smiled.

Doctor attended to me and while he examined the wound, I felt a pair of warm hands on my right shoulder and then it held my right hand. It was Mummy's. She held me as she know I am very sensitive to pain and she know I would be afraid. Her hands was assuring and I know it will be alright, even if stitches is needed.

Thank you Mummy for loving me and for holding my hands, even at 34.

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