Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Bosses Doesn't Come By Twice

Daydreaming, reminiscing old memories in my head, playing some crazy games on my mobile are the few things I could afford to do while I sit in bed, next to Isabelle while she toss & turn for millions of times before she falls asleep.

Option for today : reminiscing old memories.

Memories took me back to my happy days in 'M' where I encountered many wonderful people & great working experience (which I sadly believe, wont happen again).

Lunchtime with bosses are one of the things I dreaded most. Surprisingly, I actually enjoy having my boss (then) tagging along. It is no doubt that being the person at the top, does make some people feel timid but not him. He is outgoing, warm and does not talk about work during lunch. And he makes everyone in the lunch gang feel at ease. He likes to talk about his family, pets, food and show a great amount of interest in everyone who is present.

Time passes by and after 2 blissful years, one morning before our weekly conference call with the rest of the team across Asia Pacific, he called me into his office, asked me to close the door. It didn't sound an ounce funny as being in Compensation & Benefits division, we do discuss most of the confidential matters behind closed doors.

Boss: I need you to know this and be the first to know. (suspense)

Me: O.... Kay....

Boss: I am leaving. Leaving M.

Me: PAUSE (in disbelief) You are kidding, right?

Boss: No.. not kidding.

Me: (in silence and bigger disbelief. devastated. imagining my world falling apart)

Boss: I will be here till end of August but don't worry, I will work things out for you before I go.

Me: (still in silence and almost in tears)

Boss: Are you alright? Do you want to take some time off? Maybe you want to take today off?

Me: No, I am ok but I need to digest this. It is almost 11am and we should get the conference call started. The team must be waiting for us.

Boss: I will be announcing to the team in the call too.

Me: Oh boy. You are going to ruin their days like you ruined mine.

Both: Sigh.

After the shocking yet gloomy conference call, we went for lunch. Didn't exchange much word as I was still trying to digest the truth.

I was upset the whole day and I remember I stopped talking to him for a few days except when I really needed to. Otherwise, emails. LOL. DH (was my boyfriend then) was shocked and shared my disapointment because he knows too he is one of the bosses that I truly enjoy working with.

For his farewell, we compiled a series of photographs of him and the team throughout his service with the company. Each one of us wrote a message for him. I presented to him during his last conference call with the team via netmeeting so that everyone else could see. (with a classic timeless song as background) Will not forget his astonished look. I swear I saw him in tears. HOORAY! All the hardwork preparing the slide was paid off.

The rest is history. But I will remember him for:

1. ... being a professional, tactful, kind & fun boss, always.
2. ... self invited himself and his lovely wife all the way to my wedding in Taiping in 2006.
3. ... organised a surprise birthday lunch & big piece of delicious cake for me
4. ... arranged for me to have a free mobile phone to use when I lost mine to a cruel snatch thief
5. ... fought for my permanent position in the Company as I joined as a contractual staff
6. ... wrote me a very long testimonial and it still makes me want to cry everytime I read it

So, what more could one ask for in a boss? Simply none.

And will I ever be fortunate enough to bump into anyone like that ever again if I return to workforce? Very unlikely.

I only wish I had the chance to work alongside him longer.

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