Thursday, June 3, 2010

My First Post


Finally, I am blogging my first post in my first blog. After a lot of 'encouragement' from my dear sister (DS) since a year ago, I am finally doing it. According to her, I would have nothing much to do being a SAHM and blogging would help me kill my idle time. LOL... Idle time?? What is that?? If any SAHM out there understands what does idle time means or had idle time while handling a baby alone, please contact me. I would like to congratulate you and personally give you a pat on the shoulder.

Blogging is a brilliant idea come to think of it. I am hoping to be able to find enough time and space to blog my thoughts and memories so that when Isabelle grows up, she will be able to read the wonderful journey we went through together. After all,
PINK BIBS would be mostly about her :)

OK. I believe this is good enough to wrap up my first post.

Till the next post, cheers!

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