Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear Isabelle With Love

Stumbled upon an interesting and heartwarming magazine article during my recent pampering session at a hair salon.

Thought maybe I could come up with something similar. Here is my version.

"Dear Isabelle,

Carrying you in my tummy was... the most thrilling and exciting 9 months of my entire life.

Before you arrive... Daddy & I took a bet whether you are going to inherit Daddy's nose or Mummy's thick earlobe. Well, you had both. So we are all winners and no losers!

When you arrive... I was so amazed of God's miracle creation & that I carried a full term 3.65kg little bundle of joy successfully. For once, I was really proud of myself.

The first time I heard you cried in the labour room... I cried.

The first time I carried you in my arms... I was in awe and I was just so overwhelmed. Most of all, I never thought I could love someone I have just met for few minutes this much (DH: If you are reading this, please remember that I love you too)

Your presence made... me want to do everything better & right.

Having you around... surely made me busier at home but I am loving every minute of it.

When I changed your first soiled diaper... discovered that your 'output' wasn't as bad as I had imagine. Another bravo for Mummy.

When you grow up... I hope you had a blast & enjoyed your childhood days.

When I watch you smile in your sleep... I thank God.

If you ever fail in anything that you do... do not be discouraged as long as you tried your very best and that Mummy will always be here for you, that is my promise.

Do not EVER date a guy who... smokes, has zero sense of humor, cannot even cook you a bowl of simple Maggi and who waits for you in the car while you dress up for your date.

Date a guy who... makes you laugh, cooks and someone who gives you 9.5 apples out of the 10 that he has.

I wish you... to grow up to be a joyful and God fearing lady. No matter what you do in life, do it sincerely and live life with no regrets.

Thank you my little baby for you have taught me... to appreciate little things in life and to always value our loved ones. Every time I look at you, it reminds me of how my parents love me and how much effort and hardwork they have put in raising me. I cannot promise you that I will be a perfect mother but I will try my 101% to protect you, to love you and to give you the best that I possibly can.

Love you always,

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