Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I did not get to blog this on actual Mother's Day as l only started to fill up Pinkbibs way after Mother's Day.

This is Ma's 2nd Mother's Day as a grandmother. Her first Mother's Day last year must have been the most extravagant and meaningful event of her life. Because Isabelle was born 2 days before Mother's Day. I remember when she, Papa and Granny came into the labour room to visit me, I hugged her almost immediately and wished her and told her "Ma, this is your Mother's Day gift". And of course, tears of joy were rock & rolling down everyone's eyes.

Now that I am a mommy myself, this occasion and the greetings of 'Happy Mother's Day' means a whole lot more to me. 'Mother' is not just a title anymore. It is a RESPONSIBILITY and GIFT. Sounds heavy? Maybe. But, it is a privilege and its rewards is incredible. I know that now.

Ma used to work become she became a SAHM. Granny & Grandpa took care of me & my brother while she goes out to work. When she is out to work, I would flip and flip our photo albums and spend the day looking at Ma's photos. (That particular album is still around, but in very worn condition. Ma would tell friends and guests who comes over that I flipped it over zillion times when I was little because I miss her when she was out to work. I guess she is proud of that). When it is about her off duty hour, I would sit at the staircase to wait for her return. But I remember when she quit her job, we were the happiest children on earth. Ma would read us stories in the afternoon before we doze off for our afternoon nap. And I remember Ma would send me breakfast in school during recess time. My utmost favourite breakfast... chee cheong fun (which I posted earlier). Although that is almost 3 decades ago, it still feel like yesterday.

When I turn 18, Ma bought me a big set of skincare. She told me that she did not have this luxury when she was my age and want me to have what she did not have. How more thoughtful can Ma be.

I now understand the level of sacrifice of a Mother. It is so beyond words and a Mother would give her everything and anything that she can to her child. She would put herself second or last, but never before her child. Ma, thank you for being all the above for me.

I thank God for you. I thank God for showing me how great a Mother's love can be and I pray that God will bless you with all that you need for the rest of your journey in motherhood. I also thank God that I now know and will experience what you have been through, and that is the only way to truly understand a mother's sacrifice. Thank you Ma for always giving me your best and may God spare us many more Mother's Day that we can spend together. Happy Belated Mother's Day Ma!

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