Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Escapade in Krabi

Day 1
Left home with a heart as heavy as a million tonne lorry. I didn't expect myself to feel anything less than that for a first time not having Isabelle with me.

Arrived Krabi International Airport and checked into the hotel. Took a short rest after a late lunch. Rented the hotel's motorbike and went for a joyride. This is one place where we can ride a vehicle without a license and helmet.

Our home for 3 days

My thai tea for the day

I don't mean to be nasty but this Thai style English is cute.

DH has never been on a motorbike, let alone riding one. He took the challenge and took me for a ride. He passed.

Dined at a restaurant down the road with the rest of DH's colleagues and adjourned for drink at Luna Beach Bar opposite the hotel. The place did not look convincing but the moment we walk pass the dancefloor which led to an open air verandah overlooking the beach, we were so mesmerised! The sky was crystal clear, full of stars and the sound of the wave hitting the shore was almost paradise.

While chatting, suddenly I looked up the sky and there, shooting star! I have not seen one for the past 20 years! Unbelievable. The next thing I remembered was, DH's boss holding my hand and very excitedly exclaiming "MAKE A WISH, QUICK, MAKE A WISH!" I know, the myth was wish with eyes shut. But it would be too wasteful to close my eyes when there is this star shooting across the skies every 2 decades! Well, hopefully the wish I made would come true despite me going against the rules.

Day 2
We skipped island hopping which was our initial plan. Weather was forecaseted to be bad and sea would be rough. With my motion sickness syndrome, going on a 45 mins speedboat ride would be an extremely crazy decision. After breakfast, we booked for the massage session and it was so soothing. Managed to catch a short nap while they massage away all the fatigue.

DH withdrew himself from the idea of riding into Krabi town on a bike together with another couple. I respected his decision although I do think it would be exciting and adventurous to do so. Hailed an open air taxi. We did not regret the decision because the road to the town was a little busier than in Aonang Beach. Arrived in town and shopped a little. After lunch and a little stroll, weather turned gloomy and we decided to head back to the hotel in a real taxi (with aircond).

A bowl of piping hot chicken and pork noodles. Very delicious!

Mr Sun decided to emerge again when we returned to the hotel. Gave us one last chance to maximise the motorbike rental before returning it to the hotel. Continued our shopping.

After shower, joined the rest of the team for dinner.

DH & his colleagues were asked to share a few words as that was their company's tradition during such trip. Never occur to me that their spouses/partners would had a chance to do so too! I was honored to be given a chance to thank the company and the organising team for a wonderful trip.

It was pouring heavily when we woke up. I was joking with DH, this could be the sign of tsunami coming because the waves was strong and mighty!

After breakfast, me, DH & 2 more of his colleagues and boss, went for a last shopping trip down the road.

I had a blast bargaining when we saw stuffs we badly want to get hold of with a good price. The sense of satisfaction is beyond words :)

This shop gave me the best shopping experience I have ever had in Thailand !

Supplies to bring home

Checked out from hotel and left for airport. The organising team arranged for the driver to stopped by at a souvenir shop for us to buy some local goodies home.

Trip was fun and refreshing. It was great to get to know the wonderful people DH works with. But, nowhere is like home.


LittleLamb said...

how come no pictures?
do share ya..

Happy Mummy said...

Hi L.Lamb,

Thanks for checking out my posts and pics of our Krabi trip is in my fb. :) Happy viewing.