Thursday, August 5, 2010

Housemate from H.E.L.L.

She came into my life as a nice innocent colleague. After about 2 months working together, I became her housemate. I was then looking for a place to move to and she happened to have a room vacant because she just rented the whole unit of condo herself. She needed someone to share the rental and I needed a better place to live in with a good rental rate, so why not... great combo... colleagues-cum-housemate. Perfect match.

I was naive enough to believe that things will be just fine albeit my boyfriend-then-now DH told me I might regret my decision. He said his men sixth sense told him this is too good to be true.

Unfortunately, his sixth sense started to become reality after just less than 2 months I moved in.
Throughout the first few months, I discovered many of her unpleasant way and manners. Thank God I can't really recall all the sad incidents clearly. But here are the few major issues I will never forget:

Incident A - Part 1
Her 1st live-in boyfriend broke off with her (I will share later about this part of the story) and that means she had to fork out more to pay for her rental. She had the guts to ask me to top up my rental as much as RM100 to contribute to her rental. Ridiculous. The then naive me, actually sympathized her and sacrificed another RM50 from my expenses to 'help' her. She then managed to fish for a new boyfriend. The then naive me thought that I can rescue myself from paying extra rental now that her new boyfriend moved in, it is only right for her to manage the rental herself for the extra headcount. Turned out, she did not even bring up this issue. The then naive and silly me continued paying. Spank my own head.

Part 2
Her 1st boyfriend leaving her - I remember one night while I was relaxing in my room, I heard loud commotion coming from hers. Then they zoom out from the room and I heard with my own ears the most astounding remark from her boyfriend "IF I DO NOT LEAVE YOU , I WILL GO INSANE! I CAN'T TAKE YOUR MADNESS ANY LONGER!!"

The next morning, she shared her story with me and she even told me that the boyfriend attempted to jump down from the 9th floor balcony if she do not agree to break off with him. Flabbergasted.

Incident 2
She usually travel home on weekends and I will stay back as I go home only once every 2 months. Since I am around, I took up the housekeeping chores and even clean up her pet dog's poops and mess. One fine Sunday evening, she came back from her hometown and suddenly, she just blew up! Apparently she was not happy of the way I clean the floor. I sweep and then mop the floor. She wanted it the other way! But I was just doing her a favour to clean the whole house including her room! I am just renting a room from her and I could've just clean my own room. She was just that ungrateful!

There was also some occasions when she would be mad just because she came home to a wet kitchen sink & dust and hair sticking to the broom!! She is really out of this world! How can a kitchen sink be dry all the time?

Incident 3
When I have had enough of her unreasonable crap, I decide to move out before I go insane like her 1st boyfriend. Once I found and confirmed about the new place, I told her and she exploded again. This time, she was mad why didn't I break the news to her earlier. Then she went around the bush and forced me to move out even before my new place was ready and it was actually short of notice from her. I know I could fight for it but another day living under the same roof with her is only going to make me more miserable. So I had to get another temporary place to stay before I could move to the new place. I was so grateful my friend's landlady was kind enough to rent a room to me for as short as 1 month which is rare because not many would want to.

Incident 4
Her 2nd new boyfriend happened to be the best friend of my boss's son who also worked in the same company as us. When they hit it off, she told me that she want to go lo and do not want anyone to know and emphasized that she trust only me. But their relationship did not stay in the dark for very long and she accused me for being the culprit when the whole office seems to know about them. Am I that silly to announce their news when I know I am the only person to hold her secret?? She is very truly extremely naive not to realise that her boyfriend's bestfriend is working in the same place as us and she is silly enough to believe that her boyfriend would not tell him, and he would not tell it to his sister (boss's daughter who is also in the company and she does not like to keep secrets).

Incident 5
Of course, after all that, she gave me a lot of hard times at the workplace. Showing me her unhappy, bitter and angry face all the time. She even tried to brainwash others not to like me. But she forgotten that I have been there for longer than her and my workmates know me well enough. I should thank her for teaching to be patient and leveled up my tolerance. Today when I thought about it, I should also thank her for being the push factor for me to take the first step to leave the company after a comfortable 3 years. Please do not get me wrong, I did not leave because of her as she have no power to do that to me. I had a boss who was the owner of the listed company, who supported me and loved my job and holding a position like mine, I have many of my boss's staff who respected me. But it was time to move on and she was a bonus!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Aiyo... can't you see you're like a maid to her? Of course it's your fault that the place is not clean according to her style! You should be ashamed of yourself!


Kidding... its bcos of ppl like this we get to be smarter the next round you know! :D

Btw, I do have a spare room (aka I also need a maid) Want to rent?


Happy Mummy said...


She did really taught me to be smarter and to be even kinder & sincere to my real good friends. :)