Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go Away Flu!

Isabelle is having mild flu and it started around lunchtime today. DH insisted we rush her to pediatrician's clinic but I think otherwise. It is too mild and the pediatrician would send us home without medication anyway.

Despite being mucus-y, Isabelle played and ran around the home like any other day and the flu did not bother her at all.

Hoping she would recover soon or atleast, the flu don't get any worse as we have planned to travel back to my parents' this Friday. Traveling with an active toddler down with flu does not sound pleasant to me. And I have not been home for 2 months and I really want to go home.

So, yeah... flu.... please go away.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

OK, for us, if Ben is still alert, active and eating like normal (as in still got appetite), then nothing to worry about.

Do monitor her appetite, her general outlook (lethargic or not, moody etc), and whether she's having trouble with breathing since you said its mucousy.

Do you have those nasal aspirator thingy? We got one where we put 1 end in Ben's nostril and the other end in my mouth to suck it out (don't worry, it won't go into your mouth)-look under CNY day 13

Happy Mummy said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Yes, thank God she is eating well, in fact she ate quite a lot today specially her dinner. So far, no difficulty in breathing. But I will monitor closely because we have gone through the scary episode of her with her croup and loss of voice and gasping for air each time she breath.

That reminds me, I should blog about our experience with CROUP. :P

~Lisa~ said...

Aww sorry to hear Isabella has the flu. I hope she's feeling better and safe travels.

Happy Mummy said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your kind message. :)
Have a great week & weekend ahead.

lyncpf513 said...

wish belle speedy recovery and u enjoy trip back to your hometown k..

Happy Mummy said...

Thanks Lyn and you have a good Friday :)