Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Me & My Vanity Box

I am pleased to introduce to you the other love of my life, after my family & my skincare. Please meet my vanity box or collection to be more precise.

I didn't spend a fortune to own all the items seen in the pictures below. Some are gifts from DH, DS, parents & friends. Some are freebies that comes with the skincare purchased. Some are of course the result of my impulsive shopping habit, not. I buy them because I need them.

With this amount of cosmetic, it does not necessarily mean I paint my face every single day. I like dressing up and looking presentable. On days we have outing and on weekends, yeah, I doll up myself a bit. It is nice to look good for your partner and more so, for yourself.

My little pouch I carry in my handbag
(loose powder and concealer in 1, lipcolor, lipgloss, mini EDT, mini blusher & mini mirror)

All the gadgets for face and eyes

For the lips

Oh, did I mention that I love perfumes too? =D

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