Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our playground

Discovered a new & safe location for Isabelle to play and run around without worrying every second that she will knock on some sharp corners and hurt herself badly.

And it is the squash court at our condo. Residents usually use the court in the evening. So during daytime, it is vacant, underutilised and perfect place for Isabelle to run and play to her content. Lots of energy to burn. I can't think of any disadvantages other than the guards or management coming to shoo us off which they didn't. They even came to enjoy the sight of a happy little toddler playing and laughing very happily in the court. They should thank us for maximising the facilities in the property :)

Left: Stopped for a break
Right: Checking out very carefully every inch of the court

We went down to the court again this morning. She had a blast and that makes me a happy mummy!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Now start setting up a stall selling lemonade and charge entrance fees to watch Belle play! Heheheh...

Love her shoes btw! Cute!

Happy Mummy said...

I am counting moments to that! maybe a set of masak masak. then she can learn to cook for me! lol.

Thanks. She love the flower on the shoes. :)