Friday, August 6, 2010

NKOTB then, NKOTB now, NKOTB forever

NKOTB was one of the most hot boy band of the 90s. Just talking about them gives me goosebumps. :) And my favourite new kid was naughty Donnie and gorgeous Jordan!

My and my classmates loved them then and still love them now. As ardent fan of them, we collect anything with NKOTB on it... buttons, posters, magazines, newspaper articles, files, stationeries, books, their animated collections... etc.

Picture of buttons found from google as unfortunately I do not have a picture of my own collection as those days, taking photos are very costly unlike digital version today

I even won a ticket to their concert in Singapore! I can still feel the high I felt when I found out about the winning via a letter and also with my name published in the newspapers! The feeling was so so thrilling! Of course, as expected, I forego the concert as it was too far for me and my parents would be insane to give me the greenlight to go. Besides the ticket, I won tshirt and a few of their merchandise over different occasions.

We also had a group of 5 in school and entered a dancing contest with their song (obviously) for our dance. If memory serves me right, we managed to grab 2nd prize!

I remember once, we were moving to a new house. I was in school when my parents cleared my room. When I came home, all my beloved NKOTB posters that decorated my walls vanished!! Search hi & lo, and my Dad told me that he has thrown all of it away because I have gone too ridiculously crazy about them. That did made me cried my heart out. Feeling lost and sour, the packing and unpacking went on when we reach our new home. Then I saw a box with rolled posters in a corner in my new room and it was my NKOTB posters! Dad pulled a big joke on me and it worked.

Talking about this does make me sound like a diehard fan eh? Well, yes, I am. They were a big part of my precious schoolday memories which I want to remember & treasure forever, or atleast as long as possible. I am sure my classmates would agree too :)

Here are some of their songs I still enjoy listening to :
Right this moment while blogging this, my mind is traveling back to schooldays and it felt so good to be young and carefree.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I once stood in front of my Std 4 classmates (no classes then cos we are all waiting for exam results) and sang the entire "Step by Step" song - with 5 different voices to mimic the band...

What a horror.... never will I be goaded into doing this anymore...

Happy Mummy said...

wow!!! u supergirl la then! Can mimic all the 5 voices!! So u can do Jordan's high pitch also lar??

~Lisa~ said...

hehe no way! My fav was Donnie too! I went to 2 of their concerts hehe. What a flashback to the past!

Happy Mummy said...

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for visiting and yes, NKOTB was and is still fantastic ;)