Friday, August 6, 2010

God Is Awesome!

I have had my share of experience working with big international companies, working closely with wonderful people and had fantastic bosses. I have also enjoyed many great perks and plump salaries. Glamorous functions, prestigious meetings, press conferences, travels on company's expenses... been there done that.

Decision for me to stay home did not come easy. Having to bid farewell to all the goodies mentioned above was difficult. Worries about settling with 1 income to feed 3 mouths was frightening. But God amazed us with His abundant supply. DH was still holding his previous position as Business Development Manager when I left my job while still pregnant at 7 months. Although his remuneration then was good but I was still doubtful if it will be sufficient to get us through comfortably. Out of DH's convincing and prayer, we decide to submit it to God. DH kept reminding me that if this is what God wants for us, He will walk us through.

Hallelujah! Not long after leaving workforce and arrival of Isabelle, DH was soon promoted to Senior Business Development Manager with additional perks, which was a blessing and bonus all in one! And a few months down the road, DH brought home another excellent news! He was upgraded to Regional Manager! It was unbelievable!

Being a SAHM is sweet itself. But being one with so many blessings is heavenly.

Did I mention that being a SAHM defeats all the jobs I had before? I can't imagine going back to work and leaving my little darling with a babysitter, maid or even my own parents. Some think that it would be quite a chore to wake up to a wailing baby with soiled diaper waiting to be changed then fed. To me, waking up, having to fight the mad morning traffic and to fight the misery of missing the little child I had to leave behind under another person's care while I go to office and fight another round of endless battle, now THAT is nightmare.

Many perceive being a SAHM equals to boring, plain, monotonous & even purpose-less and rather be working than to spend time at home with their kids eventhough they are capable to survive with 1 income. Sad to say, those who thought so do not know what they are missing from their lives. There is never a deadline to go out and earn the moolah. But a child's early growing years are too precious to be missed. We only have the few years to have them near to us. In no time, they will grow up and spend most of their time away, be it studying abroad or they will just somehow have their own circle of friends they prefer to be with. We will then have all the time & space to pursue our own carried forward dreams.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeah, the early few years are the critical ones. You know Chinese ppl have this sayings 'sam sui ting pat sap' (age 3 determines age 80) which means, by the age of 3, all the things your child learned or been exposed to will last him till age 80.

SAHM rocks and no amount of salary or company perks can beat that!

Happy Mummy said...

Yes. And it would be too risky to leave the 'training & development' which will last their whole life, into the hands of a maid or nanny.

LittleLamb said...

PTL for God blessing your DH with a good job. Must give thanks :)

Happy Mummy said...

Yes. we are very thankful for what God has provided us and still providing. :)