Monday, August 30, 2010

What I Did Was Wrong but I Am Home!

I am sure more than half of the drivers out there exceeded the speed limit, atleast 10 times in their driving history before! And we all know this is something we absolutely should not do & a 'sin' we should not commit, especially when there are precious lives in our hands.

And yes... ooops... I did it again today. We left for home today and I know how much DH misses Isabelle and wants to see us (her) soon. The usual 3.5 hours drive shrunk to 3.

Hit the highway at 3.10pm. Heavy rain throughout the journey. Reached destination at about 6.15pm or so. Isabelle slept almost the whole journey, woke up 20 minutes before we arrived home. Refreshed and with the long nap, she can stay up later than usual to catch up on her bonding with Daddy.

The moment she saw her dear Daddy, she paused for few seconds and then this very sweet and sincere smile appeared on her face. They must be so delighted to be reunited again after a week apart from each other. Her attention instantly switched almost completely to DH. I have to admit, a tiny ounce of jealousy did creep into me. But when she turned around and exclaimed "Mama", all the bad vibes vanished and I am just a happy mummy enjoying the sight of her little baby and man... in each other's arms.

And... I am glad to be home, away from home :)


Sandra said...

Awww, this is cute! Glad you made it safely in the yucky road conditions.

MamaOnDaGo said...

I too am guilty of going over the speed limit. I'm glad everyone is together. Safe & sound, as it should.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Welcome back! :)

Ben always does that when he sees his daddy... even though everyday can see him, but still the way he reacted the moment he saw his daddy is like how you described Isabelle's reactions when she saw her daddy la...

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Sandra & MamaOnDaGo,
Thank you! Yes, I am glad I made it home in one piece despite the sinful speeding :)

Yeah. Isabelle does that everyday at home when Daddy comes home from work and it still makes me green!