Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Love...

... my DH's kisses on my forehead before he leaves for work while I am still sleeping

... Isabelle kissing me without me asking for one

... knowing that Isabelle will miss me while Daddy take her out for an evening walk without me

... Isabelle's smile, even though not at me

... the smell of freshly brewed coffee

... reminiscing happy memories

... Isabelle's nap time because that is when I go for my toilet breaks

... watching Isabelle play & giggles

... planning for holiday & waiting for the day to come

... the feeling of crisp clean clothes

... Isabelle's toys resting in the basket where it belongs and not all over the floor

... Thursdays because it is the beginning of Friday!

... Saturday mornings because I can sleep in

... DH coming home early and on time

... rainy days because it reminds me of home

... journey of going home to my parents' place

... having visitors and friends at home

... having a long chat with good friends

... receiving parcels and cards

... planning menus for the week

... clean plates because it means my cooking is acceptably delicious (even though they might finish it just to please me or because they were really hungry)

... leaving the dirty dishes in the sink and someone will do it for me :)

Happy Weekend!

* I was listening to this beautiful music (True Love by Miranda Wong) while I blog this post on a peaceful Saturday afternoon *


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hmmmm.. nice!

Happy Mummy said...

Thank u.

But which is nice... the music or all the things I love? :)