Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mommy's A Little Vain & It is O-Kay!

Skincare, cosmetics, clothes, shoes & bags was my utmost fetish and still is. But being a sahm, I have not many valid excuse to reload those supplies regularly, except for skincare and occasionally, clothes.

Before Isabelle came around, I would take my own sweet time to slap on the toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser in sequence and even had the time to let each item sink into my skin before applying the next, twice a day!

I can still do so now, just that I had to literally really 'slap' everything on in a jiffy. On few occasions, I caught Isabelle observing what I did and then turn to her Daddy and did the same to him. Only thing was, her action was much clumsier but surely cuter than mine. Monkey see monkey do!

Many presume that sahm would have only enough reasons to look haggard all day long and with absolutely no need to look good. I have to disagree. We all want to look our best, regardless of job or status because it is for ourselves. To look good is a boost of confidence. And who needs that more than sahm (usually mistaken for the worst and most boring job on earth)?

Healthy and clear skin makes the best canvas for make up and it is the first step to looking great!

My cleansing 'gadgets'
From right: Sothys, EL, EA, Kose, Aesop and Faceshop
(love Faceshop eye & lip make up remover *economical + magical*

Post-cleansing 'gadgets'
4 items from right: Day care products (Shiseido & EL)
4 items from left: Night care products (Sothys, Shiseido, SKII & EL)


lyncpf513 said...

Looking Good make SAHM feel GOOD TOO! so Yes, being a little vain is ESsENTAIL!!

Happy Mummy said...
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Happy Mummy said...

i agree... with 2 hands and 2 feet!

LittleLamb said...

my my..that's a lot of stuff.. n what about make up if u need too.. *pengsan*

i m down with 1 cleaner (all-in-one), and 1 cream for day, and 1 cream for night. That's it.

Happy Mummy said...

Oh, L.Lamb... you just inspired me to blog about my love for cosmetics too :)

Maybe you are blessed with flawless skin therefore you do not need more than just 3 items. I cant go to sleep without double cleansing my face.