Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Day

Waking up early on Saturday was really not my cuppa tea. But for the sake of DH's company;s Family Day, we rise and shine as early as 7.30am today. Isabelle was such an angel as she did not create any fuss at all when we woke her up. Yet she gave us a big wide Good Morning smile. It melt our hearts.

Drove downtown and traffic was easy. Said few hellos to DH's colleagues and bosses, we proceeded to breakfast. The roti jala and curry chicken was marvelous.

The 'icebreaking' dance was the upbeat World Cup waka waka song. Isabelle danced and swayed to it. Cute.

Social a bit here & there. Catch up and exchange some tips with some mothers. It was quite fun. I thought I was going to suffer from boredom and heat. But the organising team was thoughtful to provide very big and airy canopy in the event area. After joining & winning a few rounds of telematch games, we return to the canopy and Isabelle took a nap in the sling. The sling turned a few heads and a colleague of DH was so interested, I offered her to try it on with her little princess in it. She is going to buy one soon and be the next proud and joyful babywearing mummy! :)

After sweating a few miligrams of sweat, we decided to leave for home.

That is the end of part 1 of our eventful Saturday.

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