Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Long Lost & Found Friend

She was my schoolmate, busmate and best friend. Rachel & I had so much to talk about during classes, recess session, on our way home in the bus, tuition class, over the phone and we would never finish talking. I have many good friends but Rachel was one of a kind and a true friend who I can be myself when I am with her. She does not judge me for who I am or who I can't be.

After completing secondary back in 1993, we went separate ways to pursue each other's dreams. As we get busy and busier with after-school life, we had less and less time to continue to keep in touch. After attended her wedding in 1999 and her moving down south to Singapore, we had even fewer chance to meet up and then we just lost touch since then. But every now & then, I would think of her and all the sweet memories we shared. Life was innocent, naive and good.

11 long years passed by and I found her again through another good friend, LL. LL bumped into Rachel in the train one day (few years ago) and quickly grab her contact to pass to me. After a few years, Rachel uprooted from Singapore and moved back to KL to live with her parents. I was glad to have her back here, nearer to me but was sorry for her reason of moving back (out of privacy and respect, I shall not blog about her story here).

When Rachel called me up to invite me to her son, Caleb's birthday party, I did not even think twice and said yes immediately. I was very very delighted that I will see her again after 11 years! I am also going to see her whole family who was like my own.

It was truly wonderful that we finally reunited again and seeing her relived the memories of our good old days. The faces and feeling felt so familiar and fond. And most importantly, we still have that much to talk about. Her mother kept shooing us to stop and have some food. And oh boy, how I missed her delicious lasagna and the last time I tasted it was more than 13 years ago.

And Rachel, you were my best friend and always will be. This time, I will not let us separate for another 11 years again!

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Lisa Lau Croydon said...

What a truly heartwarming story, Cath! I am so happy for you to be reunited with your best buddy after 11 years! :D