Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday in LGK - Day 4

Very happy although it was pouring heavily, as we are planning to go straight to Red Tomato again because it just won't do if we don't get to check out their most reviewed Eggs Benedict.

After light breakfast (want to spare enough space for early lunch at Red Tomato), we took a walk around the resort's lush garden. Then we head down Pantai Cenang Road and dropped by at some duty free shops to get chocolates and maybe some liquor.

Shopping done but bought no liquor. Just chocolates.

Red Tomato, here we come again. I did not even look at the menu this time. Asked the waiter straight away for Eggs Benedict and cranberry juice. DH ordered some smoked salmon salad and a cup of espresso.

When my lunch was served, WOW! It was exactly what I saw in reviewer's website and what I expected. It tasted so so so superb! A piece of toast as the base, topped with beef bacon, sauted spinach, poached egg and generous hollandaise sauce to keep the toast moist yet not drenched. Perfect first Eggs Benedict experience.

Sad to say DH's salad was quite a disappointment. However, the espresso was powerful!

Visited Awana Porto Malai after lunch. Took some pictures. Beautiful and very quiet area. Not as busy as Pantai Cenang.

Afternoon was free and easy at the resort since we returned our 'part time car' shortly after lunch. Went to the beach at 3pm. It was hot and all the 3 of us were almost drenched in sunblock lotion. But the hot sun made all pictures look very beautifully sharp. It made me wish I have a DSLR camera because the weather was perfect & picturesque. But our simple camera did the job, the simple way. Isabelle took few steps without holding onto us or any furnitures.

Took a dip in the pool after Isabelle's nap. The pool was quieter than previous few days, maybe most guests checked out. We were glad to have the pool almost to ourselves.

Too lazy to take a cab or venture out of the resort. It was our last night and we wanted to spend as much time as we can to enjoy the facilities of the resort. Boat House at the resort was the ideal choice. They were serving theme BBQ buffet, Malay theme. Sounds and tasted familiar to us, and we still enjoyed it. There was even cultural show outside the outlet, where diners dined alfresco.

Well, that quite wrapped up our last night at the resort. And feeling a little bit heavy, from the buffet and also that we will be leaving tomorrow.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

We went to Red Tomato last time too! Love the food there!

Happy Mummy said...

Red tomato rocks! I will definitely go back for the tomato soup. Still miss the taste.