Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday in LGK - Day 2

It was raining outside when we woke up. It was cool and comfortable. We adjourned for breakfast at the Spice Market. The outlet were busy and most of the tables were occupied. But we managed to get a table at the cozy corner.

Isabelle had some pancakes and waffles. We are glad that would keep her contented till lunch time. Hooray.

With no planned agenda and since the weather was wet, it would be unwise to do any outdoor activity. So we headed to the Langkawi Underwater World. And I am glad I am a MyKad holder (for once) because locals get to enjoy discounted entrance fees.

Isabelle automatically exclaimed her cute "WOW"endlessly when she saw all the big fishes and other marine life. Penguins were one of her favourite.

We decided to skip lunch as we had a feast during breakfast and were still feeling very stuffed by noon. Returned to the hotel after we are done at the Underwater World. DH took Isabelle down to the pool for a dip. Temperature of the water at the resort were warmer than the pool in our condominium at home. So Isabelle did not shiver as she would and so, she stayed in the water longer.

After an easy afternoon, we took shower and Isabelle took her nap. Soon, it is dinner time.

I tried to remember which restaurant's review I have read before the trip that deserve a try. We settled for seafood at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant.

DH was craving for crabs. But with Isabelle around and only 2 of us to entertain her, we really can't afford the time for crabs. So softshell crab it is, no messy peeling required and our hands are free and clean to attend to her anytime she make a fuss, which she did not. Good girl!

Again, no pictures of our food in Orkid Ria because we were so famished when the food was served, we finished everything within minutes.

Took a stroll down the road after dinner. Went into a small shop and DH bought himself a pair of sandals. I spotted a nice batik strapless long dress. The cotton material feel so heavenly soft and I could not resist the thought of owning it. DH bought that for me too.

Beer was dirt cheap on the island! RM1.70 for a can!!! Woohoo!! Kampai and Hooch RM5.90!!! No second thoughts, we bought some back to the hotel for supper. Alcohol for supper. How happeningly unhealthy. But what the heck, this is what holidays are made of, ain't it?

Good night and we prayed for sunny weather tomorrow as we aim to visit the Langkawi Cable Car.

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