Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holiday with Heartache

As I look forward to our trip to Krabi, I also wished that it don't come so soon. This will be the first time we leave behind Isabelle and my very first time to be apart from her since the day we had her around.

True that this also be our first holiday minus the little one and I am eager to spend some time alone and relive the romance. Somehow somewhere in me feels heavy and yes, I know this symptom is normal. But this is one episode I have to go through somehow rather sometime throughout this journey of motherhood.

Although I know she will be in good hands of my parents during our absence, but I am worry about her if she will sleep or eat well without us. Most of all, honestly, I am not sure how am I going to enjoy this holiday missing her each & every moment.

DH did suggest that maybe we should just forego this trip. It was thoughtful of him to want to sacrifice his incentive trip but it would be unfair for him. So well, we will go ahead and a comfort for myself... it is only 3 days & it will be over before I even know it. And I will be home again spending every minute with her and I will try my best to enjoy this trip.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Just go have fun la! Your parents will take care of her, treat as a short bonding period between grandparents and grandchild lor! Enjoy! :)

Happy Mummy said...

Yah. I know she will be in good hands just that it is hard to leave her without all the emotions because I have never been separated with her ever before :) You'd know how it felt like if you have been through this with Ben =D

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Nope.. don't think I will separate with Ben more than 3 hours hahahaha.. maybe now can be longer a bit since he can be bribed with biscuits and bread instead of waiting for my BM. Last time cannot be longer than 3 hours cos need to BF :P