Monday, July 19, 2010

Sling Frenzy

Started babywearing(bw) with a soft structured carrier(ssc) when Isabelle was about 6 months old. Due to Isabelle's weight when I started bw, I could not carry her for more than 10 minutes without whimpering of backache. Thus, I tried to keep my ssc bw session to the minimum.

Nevertheless, my hunt for the right bw gear continued as I wanted to wear her as long as I can minus the backache. Don't want to miss all the advantages of bw and leave the wonderful journey of bw halfway. After a long survey and research, I gave ring sling a try. I was skeptical initially because of the first experience I had with a ssc.

Well, the rest is history! I now proudly own 2 ring slings! I can now carry Isabelle for as long as 2 hours and it doesn't burden my back and shoulder. Most importantly, she love being in it.

My 1st ring sling

Bought my first ring sling just a few days before our recent trip to Langkawi. Received my 2nd sling today and can't wait to parade it around, with Isabelle in it of course! Last but not least, I have 2 more lovely accessories filled up my wardrobe. Only 1 regret, I should have bw much much earlier :)

My brand new ring sling received today

Babywearing rocks!


Anonymous said...

Lovely!!!! I love both the sling!!!
Yes baby wearing do rocks!!!

Happy Mummy said...

Thank u.
Yes, babywearing is great.

LittleLamb said...

LOoks like you bought them from CN..mamapatch?

Happy Mummy said...

Yes Rachel, 1 is from CN and another one from Jumpsac.