Monday, July 5, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

DH had wanted to bring Isabelle to the zoo since many months ago. The idea did not appeal to me before our holiday to Langkawi. The hot weather, animal's stinky poo, sweaty mummy & baby and so on. But Isabelle's curiousity and ability to focus was amazing and I almost forgot she is not a little innocent baby anymore. She is a curious and want to know all and see all little toddler. And it is about time to let her see tigers and lions comes alive from her books and dvds.

She had such a wonderful time wow-ing at all the fishes and penguins during our excursion to Langkawi Underwater World and I figured out she would have more fun at the zoo.
cute sun bear


I underestimated the duration of hours we would spend in the zoo. Hungry and thirsty as we finished the water supply we brought with us. We stopped at the zoo cafe. Food was so so. But we were too hungry to be picky.

Waited till 3pm for the amphitheatre show to start. It was a long wait. Again, lucky we have the sling with us. Popped Isabelle inside and walk around the indoor aquarium (since that is the only air conditioned section in the entire zoo). Once she fell asleep, we went to the theatre, spotted a nice seat with fairly good view of the stage and waited there.

Show was good. Atleast, it caught 80% of Isabelle's attention.

What a day. Thank God for the cloudy weather. It was not as warm and sweaty as I expected. Overall, we had a fun time.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Lucky Belle is not fussy!

Last time we went Melaka when Ben was 6 mths old, we didn't realised the boat cruise we took along the river could be so long and slow. End up with a crying Ben (it was hot and he was hungry) but everyone was looking at us and I was too shy to breastfeed in public.

Lucky Ben cried for few minutes only and our family members take turns to entertain Ben to shift his focus from the heat and hunger.

Anyway, glad you guys enjoyed the trip!

Happy Mummy said...

Yes, thank God Belle was not as fussy as we expected her to be.