Monday, July 12, 2010

Project 'Bye Bye 2 naps' - Called Off

Lesson learnt ~ Do not attempt to try anything new when it is not the right time.

Verdict - We have to return to 2 naps a day system. That is the best for all and brings back my sanity.

Isabelle had a 2 hours nap, 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Just 2 hours. I was crossing my fingers she would wake up at 4.30pm. Now, that is the problem. Her interval between naps ranges from 3-4 hours max. In this scenario, she would need to nap again at 7pm??? Sounds ridiculous to me. With another nap at 7pm, she would probably not sleep at all tonight.

DH came home and I highlighted this to him. So DH said to keep her occupied till evening, hopefully 9pm.

Took her to Immigration Office with us to collect our renewed passports, then stopped by at a petshop just to kill some time since it was still early. Came home, had dinner, took her to poolside for an evening walk, came back and showered her. It was 9.15pm when she was changed and dressed up in her pyjamas, smelling clean & baby-ish. Gave her milk and then got her ready for bed. Sang her lullaby over and over till 10.20pm. She still seem restless and no significant sign of sleepiness. I lost my cool as I am feeling tired already and pass over the job to DH.
Possible reason for her to be still so energetic after a long 6 hours awake, we believe she is overtired and dragging her for so many hours actually backfired.

So, well, yeah, we are back to old 2 naps a day and I am actually quite happy about it. We will make small adjustments to her day naps so that she will be tired enough to be in bed snoozing away by 11pm.

All the best to me!

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