Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday in LGK - Day 1

We woke up as early as 7.30am to get ready to leave for the airport. Feeling sleepy but we are excited to be onboard with Isabelle for the first time. Not sure how is she going to react on her first flight, we pray hard she will enjoy it.

Upon reaching the MAS check-in counter, what we saw was a messy queue. A big group of North Indian tourists infront of us. But a gentleman from the group kindly gesture us to go before them. Now, that was a good start for a holiday :)

Afraid that the pressure would make Isabelle uncomfortable, we let her suck on her pacifier. Once we reached the maximum altitude, we remove it. Throughout the flight, she kept herself busy by looking outside the window, browsing inflight magazines and playing with us. 1 hour passed by easily, fuss-free.

At the arrival hall, Meritus Pelangi representative were already waiting for us to show us the way to our airport-hotel transfer. Isabelle must have been very tired and fell asleep in my ring sling while I was walking from the hall to the car.

The hotel were just about 10 minutes from the airport. Check-in were a breeze and we were in our room within 10 minutes reaching the hotel. Isabelle were still sleeping then. I quietly put her down on the bed and she slept while me and DH unpack our luggage. We had some time to quickly check out the beautiful room. We had a deluxe pool facing room. Beautiful view of the pool and the sea from the verandah.

Our cozy room at the Meritus

View of pool and sea from verandah

Our rented car was sent to us on the same day, at about 3pm. We went out for a ride to see what was available around the hotel area. 10 minutes walk/2 minutes drive from the hotel, is a long stretch road with many shops, stalls and eateries. Very convenient. Right opposite the hotel, there was a taxi station where all the taxis gathers and wait for their passengers. Again, another convenient plus point.

Our car for 4 days on the island

Isabelle fell asleep in the car for her afternoon nap while we drove around hunting for petrol station. Also due to rain and with Isabelle sleeping so soundly, we could not get down of the car for food. Our late lunch for the first day was infact, instant cup noodles back in the room. It somehow tasted better maybe because we were on holiday mood.

After shower and a short rest in the room, we drove down the road and dine in the contemporary looking Sunday Bistro & Restaurant. Food taste good but portion was too big for the 2 of us. Service was as good as 6 star.

Because I did not get to snap any pics of this place during our dinner on our first day, DH drove me back there again on the last day just to let me take this pic.

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