Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perks Of A SAHM!

When I told my exboss and my other friends about my decision to quit and be a SAHM, they questioned if I can endure staying home 24/7 after being out in the working environment all my life.

My answer was 'never try never know and there is always a first time for everything'.
I am glad I survived quite successfully and I love what I am doing! The best part is I know my baby is getting the best in everything.

Friends who sometimes call me up to chat over the phone or over msn had the tendency to assume that being a SAHM would means I get to nap with the baby all the time OR I am busy with dirty diaper every moment of the day OR I would sit and rot due to boredom within the 4 walls of the home.

I am just so sorry to say you are all so wrong! I might easily have a more enjoyable and certainly more rewarding job than you can imagine!

I do not need to wake up with an annoying alarm clock and having to rush to work. I do not need to fight the crazy morning traffic. I do not need to literally drag myself to work and knowing I have to face a group of monkeys who would die without office politics and can't wait to make other's life miserable. I do not need to fight yet another round of after working hours traffic and come home feeling all worn out and can only wish that tomorrow would be a better day.

Just to correct some assumptions out there, here are the 'perks' of being a SAHM:
  • We wake up to a happy baby, smiling and we know it is going to be another fun filled day
  • We look forward to the games we are going to play with our little precious
  • Maybe if there is a pool at home and weather is kind, we can bring them down for a cool dip
  • Politics FREE
  • Traffic Jam FREE
  • We are there when our little precious took their first step, uttered their words, had their first fall and we are there for them 101%
  • We get to bring the baby to a shopping mall on a weekday during off peak hours when everyone else is struggling a long day at work and wishing that 5pm comes soon
  • And yes, when we feel our eyelids getting heavier, we can just take a nap with our little one right next to us and no worries being caught falling asleep at work or worst still, in a meeting!
Of course, that is not all and the list goes on and on.

True that we do not have the luxury of getting the monetary pay at the end of each month. Nor, do we lead an active social life as often as we'd like or to dress up glamorously on daily basis. Nevertheless, the job of a SAHM is surely not plain boring and only full of endless housechores and not to mention the rewards are beyond any salary can get you.

Ok... kind suggestion from Mummy Jenny, here are some of the shortcomings of being a SAHM:
  • No pay
  • No EPF and SOCSO
  • No benefits
  • No medical allowance
  • No sick leave
  • No annual leave
  • No bonus
  • No off day on Saturday & Sunday
Does it bothered me that I am not entitled to any of the above?

Have I ever thought of returning to workforce just to enjoy the above?
Honestly, I only thought about the salary. But then again, it was just some thoughts that came to mind when I am on idle mode and I would not trade what I am doing now for any other job. So, answer is NO.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Eh eh, have to list down the downs oso leh... cannot apply leave and MC when sick :(

Thank God throughout my SAHM life so far, I've only been sick twice and thank God for MIL and hubby who helps take over the care of Ben! :D

Happy Mummy said...

wohkay, thanks for the suggestion. True that there are some downs being a sahm but i think we all do not mind that at all, right? HEHE!